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The Names of the Gulag



“People are afraid,” agreed Ivan Kurilla, a professor of history at Volgograd State University, and a member of a newly formed group of historians who have set out to defend historical memory from state interference. “They have these memories.”

The state does not currently prohibit the open discussion of Soviet-era political repression (which, by conservative estimates, victimized some thirteen million people between 1921 and 1985), but, Kurilla noted, there is no government support for doing so. “In my opinion, the state feels like an heir of the Soviet state, which is why it is better not to remember, but to forget,” Kurilla said. “That is why all initiatives are coming from society.”

Kurilla argues that Russia needs to do more to acknowledge this part of its history as the last generation of survivors dies. “The vast majority of Soviet people knew somebody who perished in the gulag,” he said. “Now there are already young people who say this was all invented, that there was no repression.”

Да, и сразу дисклеймер: никаких цифр, количества репрессированных я не называл, это у автора из других источников (чтобы тут напрасно не спорить).

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