October 12th, 2014

лето 2007, Львов, Швейк

В бюллетене ASEEES

Вышел очередной номер бюллетеня Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, в котором опубликовали мою небольшую заметку (с.13-15) о спорах вокруг "единого учебника" истории.

Гранки я вычитывал в сентябре, поэтому концовка там умеренно-оптимистическая: от "единого учебника" отказались, останется только "историко-культурный стандарт":

"On August 27, 2014, Minister of Education and Science Dmitrii Livanov announced that “most likely, there will be no unified textbook, just [an] historico-cultural standard as the basis for new texts.” State Duma Deputy Vladimir Burmatov (who had been one of the first politicians in Russia accused of plagiarizing his dissertation and, since that time, started a personal vendetta against the Ministry of Education and Science) immediately attacked Livanov for his “failure to fulfill the presidential order.” The next day, Vladimir Putin himself, while talking to young teachers and professors of history, political science and sociology at a youth forum on Lake Seliger reminded those present that “we need to have the canonic point of view” of history.

Still, the scenario that all historians considered the worst seems to have been abated by this less damaging, while still far from optimal, plan. Hopefully, with a less turbulent period ahead, the independent historians’ network will be in place to alter the course of writing and teaching history in Russia

Однако к выходу бюллетеня подоспели новости об инициативах продавить единый учебник с помощью специального закона. Так что ничего еще не закончилось.