January 11th, 2012

Взгляд вправо

Посыпая голову пеплом :-)

лето 2007, Львов, Швейк

Задачи Макфола

Вчера новый посол США в России Майкл Макфол принес присягу. Принимала ее госсекретарь США Хиллари Клинтон, которая во вступительной речи на церемонии обрисовала основные достижения российско-американских отношений при президенте Обаме с американской точки зрения. И обозначила главное в сегодняшней повестке дня:

...Now of course, as you know, Mike is not only a Russia expert; he’s also one of our nation’s leading thinkers and writers on democracy. And the coming months and years will be crucial for Russian democracy. Russians from all walks of life and every corner of this great country are making their voices heard, both face to face and in cyberspace, expressing their hopes for the future. Few Americans know Russia or know democracy better than Mike McFaul. And I can think of no better representative of our values and our interest in a strong, politically vibrant, open, democratic Russia, as well as a deepening U.S.-Russian partnership...