February 24th, 2011

лето 2007, Львов, Швейк

В "Вашингтон пост"

В день Советской армии и Военно-морского флота империалистическая газета Washington Post не нашла материала лучше, чем _почти интервью_ (ну, не совсем интервью, - статью с несколькими цитатами) об истории российско-американских отношений:

...Another letter to Lincoln, from Nathaniel Hawthorne, endorses the appointment of Bayard Taylor, "one of the brotherhood of literature," as an envoy to Russia. When he returned to the United States from Alexander's court, Taylor lectured widely on the liberation of the serfs. Lincoln, said historian Ivan Kurilla, head of the Center for American Studies at Volgograd State University, once went to hear him.

In the 1850s, in fact, when censorship made it impossible to criticize conditions in Russia, newspapers and magazines devoted large amounts of space to denunciations of American slavery - and, Kurilla said, readers understood that this was a stand-in for the actual target, Russian serfdom.

The United States and Russia had better relations in the mid-19th century than they did even during World War II, Kurilla said. "This exhibit is another reminder that Russia and the U.S. can cooperate most efficiently when they have common agendas."

Now it's just a question of finding one.